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My coaching will help you hone your ability to speak with more confidence, authenticity and passion. Tools will be given to enable you to convey what you intend and to harness nervous energy, converting it into passionate expression. As Participants, the good will have the opportunity to become great and those with challenges will become better. All will be pushed beyond your comfort level to achieve your best.

Needs/Coaching Results:

Do you want to talk less and say more?

With detailed preparation and awareness, you can be concise and inspiring.

Do you have Executive Presence?

Some believe this quality is inborn, however it is a skill that can definitely be developed with specific exercises and practice.

Would you like to conquer your anxiety about presenting?

You will be given tools to channel nervous energy into enthusiasm and exercises to calm your nervous system.

Is being an introvert hampering your success?

With roleplaying practice and preparation, you can become a situational extrovert.

Do you want to hold the audience’s attention when you speak?

Presenting is performance. You will learn how to engage the audience and hold their attention.

Are you good at networking and building connections?

You can learn to further your career through tips on building relationships.

Do you prepare well for a presentation?

Learn the quickest and most effective ways to create a presentation with impact.

Do you know what to do when you are on camera?

You can develop skills to engage the camera audience as if they were with you in person.

Are you able to influence others?

With honing your message, connecting emotionally to what matters most to you, learning to connect to your audience, you can be an inspiring leader.

Do you sell yourself or your product well?

You’ll be given information on developing and delivering impactful elevator-pitches and learn in-depth listening skills.

Do you project confidence?

With exercises, tips and awareness of self-talk, increase your self-esteem.

Would you like to be more spontaneous and effective with impromptu questions?

Learn how to prepare and practice to come across as effortlessly being able to answer any questions asked of you.

Are you aware of your body language and that of others?

You will be given information, use observation to gain awareness of body language and the importance it plays in effective, influencial communication.

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