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Rody has coached across numerous functions and lines of business in a broad range of industries including Engineering, Pharmaceutical/Medical Device, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Automotive, Power Generation, Technology, Food Brands, Architecture, Law, Footwear, Real Estate, Film, Education, Financial and Aerospace.

Client: Division President; Fortune 500

The Need: The CEO wanted to groom the leader to be his successor, but was concerned about the leader’s lack of engaging presentation style, stakeholder engagement ability, and his/her failure to demonstrate emotion and empathy. He hoped he/she could become a ‘situational’ extrovert instead of being introverted.


• Utilizing video playback, tips and exercises the presentation style was dramatically improved.

• By interviewing the CEO, peers and direct reports, Rody was able to help the leader gain insight as to how he/she was coming across to others. Practicing active listening exercises, as well as outreach tips and role playing exercises, enabled the leader to not only see the value of operating differently, but to make the necessary changes in behavior.

Results: The Leader was promoted to CEO. The former CEO felt the Leader did a “phenomenal job meeting expectations”.

Client: Director R&D; Fortune 500

The Need: The Leader demonstrated high inhibition, introversion and lack of executive presence. Presentations were monotone and lacking enthusiasm. In meetings the leader would ‘disappear,’ rarely giving input. There was concern that the inability to show up in meetings was career impeding.


• Practicing a multitude of confidence building exercises, roleplaying and presentation skills, with and without video playback, enabled Rody to help the Leader become comfortable expressing her/himself authentically and with enthusiasm.

Results: The leader experienced confidence and connection in presentations and meetings. He/she has received extremely positive feedback from superiors, peers and direct reports; now being viewed as a decisive leader.

Client: Five Leaders – VP, Director Of Marketing, Global Product Marketing Manager, Senior Project Manager, Senior Marketing Manager; Fortune 500

The Need: All the Leaders needed to work on becoming more extroverted, gaining executive presence, developing presentation skills and becoming more effective communicators.


• Working individually with each Leader, Rody was able to hone in on their specific challenging issues. Utilizing video playback, exercises and tips, areas of concern were targeted and strengths emphasized. Some of the challenges included learning to stop rambling and being concise; improving eye contact; presenting relevant material well; becoming quicker at answering impromptu questions, becoming comfortable in front of a camera for web meetings or media interviews; building authentic extroversion; demonstrating executive presence and charisma, eliminating distracting filler words or mannerisms; becoming aware of own and others’ body language; becoming more engaging and expressive; being more effective communicators and learning how to turn nervous energy into enthusiasm.

Results: All were reported to demonstrate significant improvement.

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