Praise for Rody’s transformative coaching


“As a Senior Executive at Ford Motor Company, I am asked to give many speeches to both internal and external organizations. As part of my own developmental plan I was looking for a way to really become a world-class speaker. Rody Kent was recommended to me by a professional coaching organization that works with Ford. She is exactly the kind of person with the skills and insight to do this work! I have met with her in several sessions and have noticeably improved! I whole-heartedly recommend Rody Kent for anyone looking to go from good to great speaker.”

– Anne Stevens – Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, The Americas – Ford Motor Company

“I took away from the first meeting seven tools to implement immediately.”

– Kathy Zeimer Boyes – Executive – CISCO Systems

“I give Rody Kent my highest recommendation for her work with public speaking and presentation. As a real estate developer, I have made hundreds of public appearances, and was considered pretty good. Rody tutored me before a critical City Council appearance. She gave me some excellent technical pointers, and more importantly, added passion, punch and power to my presentation. I have never received more compliments, even from the opposition! ”

– Larry S. Fullerton- President of the Fullerton Company (Former President of the Denver Home Builders Association)

“Rody’s exceptional experience, communication expertise and focused coaching skills, combined with contagious enthusiasm, literally transformed my speaking effectiveness. I have worked with a number of speech coaches over the years. Rody is unquestionably the most effective.”

– Bob Beale- President of Beale International (Consulting Firm)

“Rody comes prepared and ready to work. Helpful comments regarding ‘being centered’ and becoming more aware of your body have been helpful in reducing stress. It is impossible to put a value on improving one’s speaking ability. I have bi-annual speeches with 3,000 employees, many customer proposals (Annual Sales $1.2 Billion), 4 Board Meetings with our Shareholders (Capital Budgets $50 Million/year). I feel that the improvements that were made in the last 6 months will help influence all of the above- mentioned activities. Rody was effective in getting immediate improvements, I would highly recommend her to other colleagues.”

– CEO, Steel Manufacturing Company

“My time spent with Rody has been invaluable to my professional career, which has also influenced my personal life. Having worked with other coaches, I believe Rody to be the best I’ve had the opportunity to connect with in this arena. She looks at issues from all angles, does a great job of communicating her perspective, and truly has the client in mind in all that she does. The trust that develops between client and coach is the most important part of the process, and Rody’s ability to build this trust is unparalleled.”

– VP Sales Manager, International Footwear Company


“Thanks for the follow up notes. It is really helpful. I printed it out and taped it to the wall. Thanks, too, for being such a great coach. Your style is so down to earth, realistic and genuine. I was instantly open and comfortable with the feedback. You really make a difference.”

“Thank you so very much for your immense understanding and guidance. I appreciate your notes and your insight.”

“I gained so much from the workshop and we are all still talking about it! I am trying some of the exercises and just ordered the book you mentioned on my kindle last night.
I hope for the opportunity to work with you again in the future and have told that to (our boss). You have a nice balance of getting personal but with a structure that is aligned to professional growth. I also like the format where you do the group exercise, which really made me feel quite vulnerable and wanting to go deeper, and then you have the 1:1 which was the opportunity to go deeper into my own development. In the 1:1 I was surprised how deep and somewhat personal we went and for me – while very very hard – this was really effective to see why I “show up” the way I do.
Thank you so much for such an insightful framework, process, and personal touch you provided us. I enjoyed working with you very much.”

“Thank you for the notes; they were a great summary of our work.

“Feel free to pat yourself on the back- you have already made an impact on my life.  “